Why Does My Pomeranian Lick Me So Much?

Why Does My Pomeranian Lick Me So Much?

Pomeranians are adorable and affectionate little dogs known for their lively personalities and fluffy coats. One common behavior that many Pomeranian owners encounter is excessive licking. While occasional licking is normal, excessive licking can be a cause for concern. In this article, we will explore the reasons why your Pomeranian may lick you excessively and what it might indicate about their emotions, health, and overall well-being.

For dogs, licking is an innate and natural behavior. It serves as a means of self-expression, camaraderie, and grooming for them. Your dog may lick you to express their love for you, to get your attention, to help them relax when they’re stressed, to demonstrate empathy, or just because they think you taste good! Sometimes, excessive licking indicates anxiety, discomfort, or pain in your dog. Consult a veterinarian or behaviorist for advice if you have concerns about your canine companion.

Is It Okay for My Pomeranian to Lick My Face?

My Pomeranian to Lick My Face

The average dog harbors about 600 different types of bacteria in their mouth. This is a worrying statistic considering how often our dogs lick our faces. But we are no different and have our own bacteria in very similar numbers. This question has no right or wrong answer and every pet parent makes it for themselves. But you should be aware of few facts before you decide what is best for you and your Pom.

Dogs stick their mouths and tongues in all sorts of places, some dirtier than others, and like to keep their private areas clean by frequent licking. Some might have dental disease and even higher than usual amounts of mouth bacteria. All this means that dog licking might pose a risk to some people. Some of these groups include children, pregnant women, people with skin wounds or cuts on their faces or hands, and people that are immunocompromised, have cancer, and/or receive chemotherapy or other immunosuppressants. They might get sick from the dog’s bacteria.

We can also make our dogs ill, in some instances, if they lick our faces or our skin. The sunscreens, body lotions, and medicated creams that we apply to our skin, all of which contain a wide variety of chemicals, can give dogs an upset stomach or cause irritation to their mouth and tongue. We can also transfer some of our bacteria or viruses to our dogs.

Consider these aspects when making a decision if you should let your dog lick your face, and make sure you are thinking of your dog’s safety as well as your own.

The 7 Reasons Your Pomeranian Licks You So Much

Curious about your Pomeranian’s persistent licking behavior? Uncover the adorable mysteries behind this endearing canine gesture with our insightful guide on “The 7 Reasons Your Pomeranian Licks You So Much.” Discover the nuances of your furry friend’s communication as we explore each compelling reason behind their affectionate actions.

They’re Showing You Affection

Dive into the heartwarming world of canine love as we explore how your Pomeranian expresses deep affection through gentle licks. Learn to decode the subtle signals that reveal the strong bond between you and your furry companion.

They’re Trying to Get Your Attention

Unravel the communicative prowess of your Pomeranian as we examine how licking becomes a tool for seeking attention. Explore the ways your furry friend masterfully captures your focus, creating a delightful interplay between pet and owner.

It Might Be a Sign of Empathy

Delve into the emotional intelligence of Pomeranians and discover how their licking behavior may be a manifestation of empathy. Explore the fascinating connection between your emotions and your canine companion’s response, deepening the understanding of your unique bond.

Your Pomeranian Is Bored

Navigate the realm of canine boredom and its manifestation through excessive licking. Gain insights into how you can enrich your Pomeranian’s environment, providing mental stimulation to curb boredom-induced behaviors.

You Taste Good

Uncover the amusing side of your Pomeranian’s licking habits as we explore the possibility that, quite simply, you taste good! Revel in the delightful realization that your pet finds your flavor irresistible.

It May Be a Show of Submission

Decode the subtle dynamics of canine hierarchy as we examine how licking can be a gesture of submission. Gain a deeper understanding of your Pomeranian’s social instincts and their desire to maintain harmonious relationships within the family pack.

They Think You Like Being Licked

Explore the reciprocity in the human-canine relationship as we delve into the idea that your Pomeranian may interpret your reactions as encouragement for their licking behavior. Learn how to navigate and establish boundaries while fostering a loving connection.

Affection and Bonding

One of the primary reasons why your Pomeranian may lick you excessively is to show affection and establish a bond. Dogs, including Pomeranians, use their tongues as a way of communicating and expressing love towards their human companions. Licking is a natural behavior for dogs and is often seen as a sign of trust and closeness.

Taste and Saltiness

Pomeranians have an exceptional sense of smell, and they can detect even the slightest scent on their owner’s skin. If you have recently eaten or perspired, the natural salts and flavors on your skin may entice your Pomeranian to lick you more frequently. The taste and texture of your skin can be appealing to them, leading to excessive licking.

Anxiety and Stress

Excessive licking can sometimes be a manifestation of anxiety or stress in Pomeranians. When a Pomeranian feels anxious or stressed, they may resort to licking as a self-soothing mechanism. This behavior provides them with comfort and can help alleviate their anxiety temporarily. If your Pomeranian displays other signs of anxiety, such as pacing, trembling, or excessive panting, it is essential to address the underlying causes and provide them with reassurance and support.

Attention-Seeking Behavior

Pomeranians are highly sociable dogs that crave attention and companionship. Excessive licking can be their way of seeking attention from their owners. If your Pomeranian feels neglected or bored, they may resort to licking as a means of gaining your attention and affection. It is crucial to provide them with adequate mental and physical stimulation to prevent boredom and attention-seeking behaviors.

Grooming Instinct

Licking is an inherent grooming behavior for dogs. Pomeranians, like other breeds, may instinctively lick themselves and their owners as a way of keeping clean. This behavior mimics the grooming actions they would perform on their own fur. If your Pomeranian frequently licks you, it could simply be their way of keeping you “clean” and showing their caretaking instincts.

Allergies and Skin Issues

In some cases, excessive licking can be a symptom of underlying allergies or skin issues in Pomeranians. Allergies can cause itching, discomfort, and irritation, prompting your Pomeranian to lick excessively in an attempt to alleviate these symptoms. Skin infections and dermatitis can also lead to excessive licking. If you notice redness, rashes, or sores on your Pomeranian’s skin, it is crucial to consult a veterinarian for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Boredom and Lack of Stimulation

Pomeranians are bright, active dogs that need mental and physical exercise to be happy and fulfilled. Your Pomeranian may start licking to let out steam or pass the time if they aren’t getting enough exercise or mental stimulation. You can help your Pomeranian redirect their excess energy and lessen their excessive licking behavior by making sure they have lots of playtime, walks, and interactive toys.

Habitual Behavior

Sometimes, excessive licking can develop into a habitual behavior in Pomeranians. If your dog has been allowed to lick excessively without any redirection or training, it can become ingrained in their routine. In such cases, breaking the habit may require consistent training and redirection techniques. Positive reinforcement, such as rewarding your Pomeranian for alternative behaviors like sitting or lying down, can help shift their focus away from excessive licking.

Dental Issues

Oral health problems can also contribute to excessive licking in Pomeranians. If your dog is experiencing discomfort or pain in their mouth due to dental issues like gum disease, tooth decay, or abscesses, they may lick as a way to alleviate the discomfort. Regular dental care, including brushing their teeth and regular check-ups with a veterinarian, can help prevent dental issues and reduce the likelihood of excessive licking.

Nutritional Imbalances

Diet plays a crucial role in a dog’s overall health and well-being. Nutritional imbalances or deficiencies can manifest in various ways, including excessive licking. If your Pomeranian’s diet lacks essential nutrients or if they have food allergies or sensitivities, it can lead to skin irritation and itchiness, triggering excessive licking. Consulting with a veterinarian to ensure your Pomeranian’s diet is balanced and meets their specific nutritional needs can help alleviate this issue.

Why do dogs lick?

Why Does My Pomeranian Lick Me So Much? Most likely, you pet them. It is instinctive for us to touch their fur with our hands and engage in some form of grooming. Since dogs use their tongues for grooming, licking is a greeting, bonding, and affectionate gesture. Dogs use their mouths and tongues to sense their surroundings and determine other people’s moods, whereas humans use our hands to explore the world. Whether they do it by playing with toys or balls, carrying objects between their teeth, or licking your face to greet you and gauge how you’re feeling.

What Should I Do to Stop My Pomeranian From Licking Me Excessively?

It’s important to understand that your Pomeranian’s licking behavior is natural and happens instinctively in most cases. However, there are some medical reasons that might cause your Pom to lick you, themselves or other objects excessively, and it might also be a sign of stress, pain or anxiety. If you find your Pom’s licking habits have changed or become more obvious, it’s best to get them checked by your vet. Don’t be too harsh on your Pom, even when the licking gets out of control. Try the following if your Pomeranian’s licking annoys you and your vet has given them a clean bill of health.


Excessive licking in Pomeranians can have various underlying causes, ranging from affection and bonding to anxiety, stress, and health issues. It is essential to observe your Pomeranian’s behavior and look for any accompanying signs that may indicate the reason behind their excessive licking. If you are concerned about your Pomeranian’s licking behavior or notice any changes in their overall well-being, it is always best to consult a qualified veterinarian for a thorough examination and appropriate guidance.


Why do Pomeranians Lick?

Why Does My Pomeranian Lick Me So Much? this behavior can indicate allergies, tension, affection, or boredom. Licking releases endorphins, which have calming and healing effects. Pomeranians may lick you because they enjoy the taste of your skin, or they may try to lick other dogs as a sign of dominance.

Why Does My Pomeranian Lick Me So Much?

Nicole Ellis, a certified professional dog trainer and author located in Los Angeles, states that excessive licking is essentially when your dog won’t quit. To properly retrain your dog or take care of any underlying causes of pain, you must identify the reason of all this licking, though, in order to put an end to it.

Why does my Dog Lick me When he is Reunited?

He wants to say how happy it makes him to be back together. After all, licking you as a symbol of affection is in a dog’s nature. Redirection: Ignore your dog’s licking of your hand or face if you’d rather them to cuddle or lean up against you. Before praising them, ask them to rest their chin on your lap or knee.

Can Hypothyroidism Cause a Dog to Lick?

Dogs with hypothyroidism may have ear and foot itching. Joint pain from orthopedic conditions may prompt your dog to lick themselves frequently in an attempt to relieve the pain. Regrettably, certain dogs experience behavioral problems such as compulsive licking.

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